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Mrauk U Princess Resort

Mrauk U Princess Resort is a gateway to the ancient Arakan kingdom in Myanmar. Truly off the tourist trail, we invite you to sail aboard a restored teak riverboat up the meandering Kaladan River from Sittwe, amidst water buffalo, river birds, paddy fields, and soak in a life of yesteryear. A traditional spa, swimming pool, and authentic Rakhine cuisine adds to the magical experience that you will have at Mrauk U Princess Resort.

Mrauk U at sunrise in Myanmar

500 year old temples...come visit the ancient kingdom of Arakan


Mrauk U lies roughly 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) east of the Kaladan River on the banks of its minor tributaries. The town is located on a small outcrop of the Rakhine Yoma on the eastern side of the Kaladan's alluvial plain. Thus, the surrounding countryside is hilly yet also contains a great deal of marshes, mangroves and lakes.


The Property

The architecture of Mrauk U Princess Resort was inspired by the traditions and culture of the Rakhine people. It has 21 "Village House" Style guest rooms with lovely views towards the river, rice fields or garden. Inside the Village Houses are naturally light up and also provides you with fantastic views of the surrounding scenery. The hotel has its own jetty, the spacious restaurant offers various gourmet cuisines with a great view, an amazing spa and a floating swimming pool. 

Mrauk U Princess Resort is surrounded by magnificent views of the blue mountain ranges, the Mrauk U River and rice paddy fields.

How To Get There

Fly into Sittwe and from there you will sail aboard a restored teak riverboat up the meandering Kaladan River amidst water buffalo, river birds, paddy fields, and pagodas. Up river, Mrauk U Princess is a gateway to the ancient kingdom of Arakan. 

When To Visit

There is a Green season from May to September and then a busier season from October to April but do note that the Mruak U Princess resort is closed during the months of July and August.

Mrauk U Princess Resort

Mrauk U
Mrauk U Princess Resort | Rakhine State| Myanmar
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