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Discover Southern Myanmar - 9 Days

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9 Days

Private Tour

1 - 4 Guests



Yangon - Hpa-an - Mawlamyine - Golden Rock - Yangon - Departure


Often overlooked, and wrongly so, the southern part of Myanmar provides travelers with incredible landscapes and one of our favourite hotels in the country. Spend 9 days traveling by car and boat from Yangon and get to know the area known as Mon State. You'll spend 1 night in Yangon before traveling to Hpa-an and staying at the Hpa-an Lodge for 2 nights. From here take a boat to Mawlamyine and spend 3 nights and then make your way back to Yangon via the famous Golden Rock. Quite the trip.


Spend 9 days touring the southern part of Yangon as you drive from Yangon to Hpa-an, Mawlamyine and the famous Golden Rock. You'll spend 2 nights in Hpa-an, staying in 1 of our favourite hotels and exploring the nearby caves before taking a boat to Mawlamyine and visiting the sight of the Death Railway. Head back to Yangon at the end.

From $2534 - $2954

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