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Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp in Kalaw

Start Time

10:00 AM


5 Hours

Private Tour

2 - 5 Guests

About the Experience:

Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp is a very unique place that is efficiently run by Tin Win Maw who has been around elephants all of her life. This elephant sanctuary is all about taking care of the elephants, so guests can scrub, bathe and feed these gentle giants. As well as this Tin Win Maw is regenerating the area with a butterfly sanctuary, a tree replantation program and reusing organic waste. All very cool. Choose from a program with or without trekking and book your experience with Thahara.


Organised by Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp



Scrub, bathe and feed retired timber elephants in the river

Help with replantation program and plant your own tree

Enjoy a seriously good lunch at the main camp

Explore the camp area and observe butterflies, birds and orchids



After arriving at Green Hill Elephant Camp you'll be greeted by your host and the adventure begins. Today you'll be feeding, bathing and scrubbing the elephants in the river during their daily spa treatment. Afterwards you can plant your own tree in the forest and walk around the butterfly sanctuary. Lunch is also provided at the main camp.

A very similar itinerary to Program A, but this one also contains a 1 - 2 hour trek through the forests surrounding Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp. Pass by butterflies, orchids and birds as you trek towards the river to bathe the elephants. Afterwards plant your own tree and return to the main camp for lunch.

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