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A boat crosses Inle Lake at sunrise

Where to Stay in Inle Lake?

A hotel in Nyaung Shwe or on the lake?  This is our guide on where to stay in Inle Lake


When planning your holiday, one of the hardest questions to answer is always “where to stay?”.  In Inle Lake this is particularly the case given the amount of options available, and the multitude of different locations your hotel could be in. 

If price is your only concern, then generally you’ll find the cheapest accommodation in Nyaung Shwe, and the most expensive out on the lake.  But price isn’t everything when trying to figure out where to stay in Inle Lake.  Factors such as transportation, nearby restaurants, swimming pool and the overall experience should all play a part.  We’ve listed our top recommendations below for 3 different groups. 


If a hotel with a pool for the kids is the most important thing, then you’re certainly going to be looking at a hotel on the lake.  Most hotels are situated on the East coast, such as Villa Inle Resort & Spa, but there are a few on the West side too like Inle Lake View Resort.  Both are at the top end in terms of funds, but come highly recommended.  The only problem with a hotel on the lake, is transportation.  Boats are not allowed on Inle Lake past sunset, so if your resort is far away from Nyaung Shwe, where all the restaurants are, then you’ll have to have all your evening meals at the hotel.    Villa Inle Resort & Spa is just a 15 minute drive from the town, and as such gets our vote.    

A Deluxe Room at Villa Inle Resort & Spa


A bit of space and privacy are almost certainly high on the list of needs for couples looking at where to stay in Inle Lake.  As such a hotel on the lake would be our recommendation.  Located far away from all other accommodation, Inle Heritage Stilt Houses contains just 6 bungalows, and is situated on the Southside of the lake.  Voted Best Hotel in Myanmar in 2015, Inle Heritage Stilt Houses is also the sight where owner, Yin Myo Su, is introducing Burmese cats back into Myanmar as part of a social project.  It takes an hour to reach here by boat from Nyaung Shwe meaning peace and quiet, and no disturbances. 

Thahara Inle Heritage


For those falling into this group, cost and people are going to be very important.  In Nyaung Shwe you’ll find your cheapest accommodation, while also being surrounded with like-minded travelers.  There’s a few highly recommended restaurants, such as One Owl Grill, mixed in with fun bars like Pub Asiatico.  Check out Inle Inn or Aquarius Inn which are easily our top picks.  Both are in the heart of Nyaung Shwe and are great value for money.  While neither are quite a hostel, you’ll find plenty of people to chat to in the friendly common areas. 

Inle Inn Nyaung Shwe

Alternative Option

Breaking the mold from most of what I’ve been saying in this blog is Thanakha Inle Hotel.  This is the option for those who consider being in Nyaung Shwe a must, while treating themselves to a bit of luxury.  With the best rooftop bar in town, and a quiet, refined atmosphere present throughout the hotel, it is definitely well worth considering. 

Thanakha Inle Hotel

The Final Word

The most important thing to decide when thinking about where to stay in Inle Lake, is what you want to be doing in the evening.  If being out at restaurants, trying new food, while enjoying a drink is your thing, then pick a hotel in Nyaung Shwe.  For those looking for a bit of relaxation, a swimming pool and peace and quiet choose a resort on the lake. Take a look at all our options for hotels in Inle Lake and book your stay with us to secure our best rates.