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A Little Lodge in Samkar

Top 5 Unique Hotels in Myanmar

If you are thinking of visiting Myanmar, congratulations! You might have a few ideas already about what you’d like to do, and where you’d like to stay, but let us throw a spanner in the works and tell you about some very special hotels that you should definitely consider.

In our view, what's the point in coming to Myanmar, if you end up staying in a hotel that could frankly be anywhere in the world? As a result we’ve listed some of the most unique hotels in Myanmar that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

A Little Lodge in Samkar

A 2 and a half boat journey from Inle Lake, A Little Lodge in Samkar is well and truly off the beaten track. The hotel contains just 6 rooms and is located in the sleepy little village of Samkar.

The rooms at A Little Lodge in Samkar

Designed in a typical Pa-O style (the tribe that is from this area) the hotel is made up of bungalows that are constructed out of bamboo. Don’t expect many amenities when you come and stay here. The hotel provides showers, a bed and some seriously well cooked Shan food. Everything else is natural, blending in with the surrounding landscape.

We’re sure your stay here will be truly memorable, with the added bonus that it’ll probably be just you and the hosts.

Yoma Cherry Lodge

Perched amongst the pine trees, just a few steps from the crystal blue seas of Ngapali Beach sits Yoma Cherry Lodge. You can walk down to the beach anytime or just sit back and lie on the sun loungers, observing this beautiful oasis.

Yoma Cherry Lodge

Seafood is a must when you are on the beach but you don’t need to look far for it. The best is right next to you. With its incredibly helpful staff from the restaurant, Yoma Cherry offers you the catch of the day, prepared in a traditional Myanmar way. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

Overall a beautiful lodge, in a stunning location, that we can’t find fault with.

Boulder Bay Eco Resort

The Mergui Archipelago has become a hot destination in Myanmar in the past year or so. The archipelago sits in the Andaman Sea with its collection of over 800 islands. One of them is the Boulder Island, in the southernmost part of the archipelago.

Boulder Bay Eco Resort

Having only just opened this year, Boulder Bay Eco Resort is brand new. Built out of the eco-friendly and renewable products, it blends in well with the natural surroundings. In fact you probably wouldn’t be able to spot the bungalows as you approach the beach. Even though the resort is made out of everything natural, they provide you with great facilities and services to make your stay as convenient as possible.

Every single bungalow sits on the edge of the beach, looking out onto the calm sea in the bay infront of you. Every one of these bungalows has its own hammock for you to relax in reading your book and listening to the sounds of the birds and hermit crabs that have made this island their own.

There are just 10 bungalows situated on the island, which can only be reached after a 3 hour boat ride from Kawthaung, so is very isolated (something we love). While here, make sure you go snorkeling and observe the abundant sea life below the waters.

Hpa-an Lodge

Hpa-an is located in the south of Myanmar around a 5 hour car ride from Yangon. Here you will find one of our favourite hotels in all of Myanmar. Hpa-an Lodge is made up of 18 separate bungalows that have all been designed in a traditional Karen way (the state the Hpa-an is situated in).

Swans at Hpa-an Lodge

Sitting in the shadow of Zwekabin Mountain, not one of our customers have left this resort disappointed. Each bungalow has its own balcony where you can chill out and read your book after a day exploring the nearby town. The beds are also some of the comfiest we’ve sampled in a long time.

Then there’s the food. Oh the food. The chef is the husband of the General Manager and whips up some seriously delicious meals that will leave you wanting more every night.

Last but not least there’s the outdoor swimming pool. With a bar that’s open in the summer months nearby, this pool looks out on the surrounding landscape and is the perfect place to chill out in.

Pindaya Farm House

If you are a fan of nature and the countryside, this is the place for you. Situated in Pindaya, which is around a 1 hour car journey from Heho Airport, Pindaya Farmhouse is made up of 5 comfortable guest rooms, in a converted farmhouse. The owner, Aye, opened this delightful hotel around 2 years ago now, and it has gone from strength to strength ever since.

The dining room at Pindaya Farm House

Wake up to the sound of cows grazing and… not much else in this incredibly peaceful environment. A home cooked breakfast is supplied every morning for you that sets you up well for the day ahead.

While the rooms aren’t all that large, in our opinion they don’t need to be as the main draw is the beautiful dining room and living room which looks out through large windows onto the surrounding area.

Aye is a seriously impressive host, who goes out of her way to make your stay as perfect as possible, and even offers a cooking class for those that wish to learn how to make some traditional Shan cuisine.

The Final Word

Each of these hotels offers something unique and different. We’re sure come the end of your stay at each of them, you won’t want to leave.