The Road to Pindaya Farm House | Thahara
An ox cart in Pindaya, Myanmar

The Road to Pindaya Farm House

Your discovery of the agricultural heart of Shan State begins as soon as you arrive at Heho Airport. After you show your passport to the local immigration official and tell him that you’re staying at Pindaya Farm House, you’ll be greeted by your driver for the 40-minute journey to the farmhouse.

Lined with flowering trees, the road through Heho is beautiful at every time of year. Depending on the time and day, you may stop at the town market to see villagers buying and selling the abundant harvests of everything from corn and cauliflower to mangoes and morning glory.

The patchwork farmland close to Pindaya, Myanmar

Further along, you emerge into farm country, where hedgerows boast the cheery red blossoms of Poinsettia. Ox-cart routes run through the rolling hills that are blanketed in a multi-coloured patchwork of grain fields and orchards. You can ask your driver to stop at any point to take a photo of this world trapped in time, where women harvest wheat with handheld scythes and wash their hair and linen in roadside reservoirs.

Closer to your destination, the Shan mountains rise up in the West and you can glimpse the white exterior structure of the famous Pindaya Caves. Located on a limestone ridge, the caves are filled with Buddha images and attract many local and foreign pilgrims each year. You may choose to visit when you venture into the town of Pindaya proper.

But now you have arrived at the great Banyan tree that marks driveway to the farmhouse.

Welcome to Pindaya Farm House!