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Ladies canoe past Inle Heritage Stilt Houses in Myanmar

The Road To Inle Heritage Stilt Houses

Your Inle Lake adventure begins long before you arrive to Inle Heritage Stilt Houses. Show your passport to the local immigration official and tell them where you are staying. Pick-up your luggage, meet your guide and follow him to the car.

The drive from Heho to Nyaung Shwe takes under one hour on a paved road through the evergreen hills of southern Shan State. Do ask your driver to stop if you want to take photographs of the stunning views.

Passing Shwe Nyaung prior to arriving to Nyaung Shwe is a little like driving through York New before arriving to New York! Near Nyaung Shwe is a 19th century monastery, Shwe Yan Pyay, known for its red painted teak wood building with oval windows. The monastery is richly decorated with mosaics and golden ornaments. There are also images of red-coated British soldiers.

View of Inle Heritage Stilt Houses from the lake

Just before Nyaung Shwe is a stop to pay the lake entrance fee. Your guide will take care of it for you. The money goes for the preservation efforts of the lake. In the township, a wooden motorized boat will you take you directly to Inle Heritage Stilt Houses

The boat trip starts along a wide canal, past a bird sanctuary, to the open waters of Inle Lake, one of the four most popular destinations in Myanmar.

After crossing the centre of the lake, the boat turns off into a series of narrow canals lined with houses on stilts and through floating gardens.

Welcome to Inle Heritage Stilt Houses!