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The entrance of Boulder Bay Eco Resort in Myanmar

The Road to Boulder Bay Eco Lodge

Your Boulder Bay Eco Resort adventure begins long before you set foot in the bungalow that will be your home for the next couple of days. The trip to get to this remote island in the Mergui Archipelago is almost as fun as your entire stay, and is definitely worth describing.

The excitement begins as your disembark the plane in the town of Kawthaung, which is pretty much the southern most tip of Myanmar. This is a bustling town that conducts a lot of trade with Thailand, which you can actually see just across the river estuary that seperates the two countries. 

Kawthaung Airport in Myanmar

From the airport, you'll be picked up and whisked off to the harbour where your boat will be waiting to take you out into the islands and on your way to Boulder Island. The team behind Boulder Bay Eco Resort have decided to go with a rustic form of transport, so instead of a slick white speed boat, you'll be boarding a converted fishing vessel. This might sound like an odd decision, but actually it's perfect. Instantly guests can begin to wind down on this lazy boat, admire the incredible Mergui Archipelago as it passes you buy, and lose your thoughts in the beautiful surroundings.

Boulder Bay Eco Resort Transport Boat in the Mergui Archipelago

The journey time from Kawthaung takes around 6 hours to Boulder Island, but this really does pass by very quickly. Keep an eye out for luxury yachts that sail between these islands, pearl and crab farms, as well as the odd sighting of a whale. It's definitely worth positioning yourself at the front of the boat to take it all in.

A luxury yacht in the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar

Along the way, you'll be offered a traditional Myanmar lunch on the top deck of the boat that will give you an insight into the kind of food that you'll be served over the next couple of days. 

Finally as you make your way through a small gap between two islands, the view before you stretches out as far as you can see, with just a little island in the middle of it all. This is Boulder Island, and this is where you will be staying during your time at Boulder Bay Eco Resort.

Boulder Island in the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar

As you approach the island, there's a little bay that reveals itself as you make your way around the island, and it is in here that your boat will dock as you await the greeting party who will transport you to the island via a little speedboat. With nothing around for miles and miles, this truly is a little sanctuary that is an utter joy to stay at.