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The view from Red Mountain Winery in Inle Lake

The Red Mountain Winery in Inle Lake

You’ll find the Red Mountain Winery on the East coast of Inle Lake, nestled up in the hills that surround this famous Myanmar landmark.

It is popular with tourists not just for the wine, but also the incredible views overlooking Inle Lake that are pretty breath taking at sunset. 

All in all, visiting the Red Mountain Winery is the perfect way to end a long day sightseeing on Inle Lake. Sipping a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc, looking out into the magnificent landscape infront of you, and a beautiful garden all around it. Sounds pretty tempting doesn’t it?

So anyway lets dive in a give you a little bit more information about this popular site.



The vineyard was built back in 2002 with the importing of various different grapes from Spain and France, including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and a few others.

The Red Mountain Vineyard in Inle Lake

During the first couple of years, the owners experimented with various different plants to see which grapes faired the best in the Myanmar climate surrounding Inle Lake.

The winery was built in 2004 and following this the first bottles of red and white wine were produced in 2006. From this point on, the winery has gone from strength to strength and opened its very popular restaurant in 2011 which now attracts guests all year round.


How to Find It

The Red Mountain Winery is located on the East Coast of Inle Lake close to the village of Taung Chey. From Nyaung Shwe it is only a quick 10-minute car ride away, or a 25 minute cycle. If you are staying at one of the hotels outside of Nyaung Shwe then the receptionist should be able to point you in the right direction. Almost certainly it won’t be far.

We would highly recommend hopping on a bicycle and making your own way there, so you can enjoy the sunny skies and mild temperature.

The view from Red Mountain Vineyard in Inle Lake

A slight word of warning though is that the winery is located on a hill, and there is a fairly steep road, which you will need to navigate in order to reach it. This part of the road is only about 100 metres long though, and so is easy enough to walk up.


What to Try

While the wines produced here are certainly not quite French vintage yet, they are definitely improving year on year as the plants acclimatise. We’d recommend sampling the taster menu for 3,000 kyat (around $3), to get a feel for which wines you like the best.

The Red Mountain Vineyard Terrace

You then have a choice of around 10 bottles to chose from, to either drink while you are there, take back to your hotel, or even home with you.

We’ve been several times and can safely say our favourite is the Pinot Noir which is the most consistent tasting.


So Why Go There

Some come for the wines, but most come for the views and the pleasant surroundings. As we’ve mentioned it’s the perfect way to end your day out on the lake, and the surroundings you will find yourself in really are very special, as you sit out on the terrace.