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Ngapali Beach in Myanmar

The Best Beach in Myanmar - Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach (pronounced Napally) is Myanmar’s premier beach and often sighted as one of the best in Asia. Quite the statement we know, with competition coming from Thailand and Indonesia, but hear us out.

Ngapali Beach is located on the Western coast of Myanmar and looks out onto the Bay of Bengal, while the Yoma Mountain range sits inland, providing panoramic views in all directions.

Ngapali Beach fishing boat in Myanmar

The 7-kilometre beach itself is a dream. Palm trees line the coastline and provide the area with fresh coconuts throughout the tourist season. Then there’s the beautiful turquoise water that invites you in as soon as you step foot on the sand. The sand itself is the kind that makes you want to sink your feet into it. It is so fine that it feels amazing to walk over.



The hotels along Ngapali Beach are some of the best in Myanmar. From Bayview the Beach Resort to some of the better-known brand names such as the Hilton, you will not be disappointed.

And best of all? Compared to some of the beaches in Thailand, the hotels here feel positively empty. The crowds that can sometimes ruin your holiday in the more popular areas are nowhere to be found on Ngapali Beach. Dreamy!

Yoma Cherry Lodge Hotel in Ngapali Beach

Now while all this sounds pretty perfect, the one downside of Ngapali Beach is that it’s not cheap. There are hotels that charge less than $100 but we wouldn’t recommend any of these as providing real value for money. Our top pick for a hotel that doesn’t completely break the bank is Yoma Cherry Lodge which oozes charm and authenticity.


What is there to do in Ngapali Beach

If you’re idea of a nice time at the beach involves slightly more then relaxing on a sun lounger with a drink in hand and the sound of the sea in your ear (our idea of bliss) then you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

From kayaking to village explorations and even mountain walks, there’s a whole heap of things to keep you entertained in Ngapali Beach. One of our favourites in fact is trekking into the Ngapali Mountains early in the morning and getting one of the best views in Myanmar, looking out into the Bay of Bengal. It is quite remarkable.

Sea kayaking in Ngapali Beach

There is snorkelling and scuba diving as well that might interest you, but from our experience neither of these offer a great deal of fish life for you to see.

Our top tip would be to go on a kayaking trip out into the Ngapali Sea and drop into the water with your goggles and snorkel that are supplied. This gives you the best of both worlds.


Getting There

Much like the hotels, getting to Ngapali Beach isn’t the cheapest. We would only ever recommend flying into the area, with flights going from all of the 4 major destinations now.

Trekking in the Ngapali Mountain Range in Myanmar

A return flight will usually set you back around $200 so make sure you plan enough days into your beach trip to make it worth while. Flight will arrive into Thandwe airport and most hotels will then offer a pick up and drop off service included in the price of the hotel room.  


Final Thoughts

Ngapali Beach truly is special. For those that are lucky enough to experience it, the memories last long in the memory. Tagging 4 days onto your holiday itinerary to enable you to visit the beach is well worth it and we would thoroughly encourage.

For those returning to Myanmar for a second holiday, then combining Ngapali Beach with Mrauk U provides you with the best of both worlds. A picturesque quiet beach, with a hidden gem in the jungle.