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Boutique luxury hotel in Yangon - Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel – A Tour in Words

Let us give you a tour of Savoy Hotel, a luxury boutique hotel situated right in the heart of Yangon


When your car brings your to the front entrance of the Savoy Hotel, you’ll pass through the main gates and be dropped off right outside the main entrance. Here, a porter will greet you with what we are sure is one of the biggest smiles you’ll likely witness.

Entering the hotel, you’ll walk straight ahead through the corridor to the main reception. You’ll instantly notice the attention to detail that the Savoy has gone to with it’s classy décor. The beautiful teak wood adorns both the walls and ceiling, and there are traditional paintings which hang on the walls all around you. You might also notice the rich smells that are coming from the nearby kitchen as meals are being prepared.

Approaching the reception desk, notice the swimming pool just outside the window. You’re almost certainly going to spending a fair amount of time in and around this clear blue body of water.

But now it’s time to make your way to your room, which you’ll find located along one of those gorgeous corridors we were talking about earlier.

Entering your room, take in the scene in front of you. A king size bed awaits, with windows that look out onto the swimming pool, and décor that just oozes Myanmar, from the rattan furniture to the wall hangings and much more besides.

Welcome to the Savoy Hotel Yangon.