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Sanon Restaurant in Bagan

Sanon Restaurant in Bagan

Sanon in Bagan is one of our favourite restaurants in Myanmar, serving incredibly tasty food while being operated by the Myanmar Youth Development Institute. They run Sanon as a social enterprise with the goal to:

"Train up to 30 students at a time, assist them to gain employment and monitor them for a further two years"

Sanon is a training restaurant that has 30 students graduating every year, and then assists these students in finding employment within the hospitality industry. As part of the year, Sanon teaches the students English, develop skills, looks to have a positive impact on the students lives and the lives of their families, and wants to become the most sort after restaurant for local and international tourists in Bagan.


Quite the Statement, so what is Sanon like to Visit?

Simply put, Sanon serves the best food you are likely to find in Bagan. It is located in a recently renovated old beer station in the town of Nyaung U and features both outdoor seating and indoor, meaning you can enjoy the sun or benefit from the pleasures of air conditioning. For those wanting to sit outside there are fans and a well-kept garden that is constantly growing as the years pass. In short, it’s a delight.


And the Food?

Sanon Restaurant features a 2 page menu which is divided into four different sections. These include the “Veggie Lover”, the “Fish and Sea Food Lover”, the “Meat Lover” and finally the “Sweet Tooth”. This simple layout makes it very easy for you to pick the perfect meal.

Sanon then also highlights the traditional Myanmar dishes with a pagoda icon next to those it recommends, meaning you are sure not to miss out on some absolute classics. That’s not to say that Sanon only serves Myanmar dishes. There is a good selection of Western inspired dishes as well which make this restaurant perfect for families and also those seeking some home comforts.

We’d especially recommend the Charred Eggplant Salad and Kyaw Kyaw’s Beef Curry which we gobbled down in no time at all.


So Where Is Sanon Restaurant?

As already mentioned, Sanon Restaurant in located in Nyaung U, which is just a 10 minute drive from Old Bagan. In Nyaung U you will also find plenty of boutique shops so it’s a great stop off during the afternoon heat.

It’s open from 11am to 10pm seven days a week as well, so don’t worry about it being closed. It’s also not necessary at this time to book in advance as it will almost certainly have space for you.

In terms of price, mains are around $6 and a full meal including drinks shouldn’t be much more then $10.

Visit Sanon Restaurant's Website for more information.