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Sule Pagoda downtown in Yangon

The Road to Hotel @ Yangon Heritage

Let us take you on a trip through Yangon to Hotel @ Yangon Heritage


You’ll be greeted at Yangon Airport with many big friendly smiles as you make your way through the arrivals lounge. Whether you’re being picked up by a guide, driver or taking a taxi, there will definitely be someone who can help you with your luggage and assist you in navigating your way around the airport.

Leaving the airport by car, you will pass by shady trees waving at you from left to right. Enjoy the breeze and the flashes of greenery before noticing the golden gateway sign reading “Welcome to Yangon”. Congratulations, you’ve made it! 

Make sure to wind down your window (or not if you’re lucky enough to have air con) and turn your head to the streets and city passing you by. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time in Yangon or not, there’s always something interesting going on.  Street sellers walk through the traffic selling water, snacks and Thazin Orchid’s. These beautiful flowers are seen all over Yangon, and are often threaded through with string and hung in cars to provide a natural air freshener.

Traffic in Yangon

Unfortunately as you’ve probably already found by now, Yangon traffic can be really bad sometimes, so take your time, relax and try to take everything in. On your way downtown, you’ll pass street food vendors with customers sitting out on the road on little plastic stools. These little outlets are dotted all over the city and are very sociable places where locals come to discuss anything and everything with strangers and friends alike.

Tables and chairs of a tea shop in Yangon

You’ll have noticed the traditional attire in the airport, but even more so as you make your way to Hotel @ Yangon Heritage. The men where what is called a longyi and is a piece of fabric wrapped around their waist, while the women where another type of longyi which is wrapped in a slightly different way and is often much more colourful.  

Soon you’ll be passing Inya Lake on your left hand side, which is surrounded by Inya Lake Park, a perfectly kept grass area that is known as a popular dating area for locals. Spot the umbrellas that are dotted around the park. These are used to provide a little bit of privacy to couples, something that is often hard to come by in the communal city of Yangon.

Inya Lake and Shwedagon Pagoda

Before long, Yangon’s most famous site will soon be looming into site. Depending on the route your driver has decided to take, the Shwedagon Pagoda will appear on your left or right hand side. Best seen as it is lit up at night, this is Myanmar’s most religious monument. Even just passing it, you feel an aura of calm and wonder pass over you as you marvel at the structure. It really is something special.

But now you’re almost at Hotel @ Yangon Heritage. Just a few more traffic lights and roundabouts to navigate before you reach the front entrance of this converted colonial building. Opposite the hotel is one of Yangon’s newest buildings, Sule Square, an office building and shopping centre where you can buy food, get a bite to eat or go window shopping.

Turn back around and be greeted by the friendly smile of the hotel’s security guard.

Welcome to Hotel @ Yangon Heritage