Inle Heritage Stilt Houses - A Tour in Words | Thahara
The walkways at Inle Heritage Stilt Houses in Myanmar

Inle Heritage Stilt Houses - A Tour in Words

Let us give you a tour of the Inle Heritage Stilt Houses grounds


When your boat arrives to the jetty you have a choice. To the left is the Inthar Heritage House – a very special place built to display the traditional architecture of an Inle Lake house. The building features an Inthar style restaurant offering local food prepared with fresh ingredients coming straight from the vegetable garden. Below the house is a surprise, a centre for preserving and reintroducing Burmese Cats back to Myanmar. Burmese Cats are known for their sociability. There are now nearly 40 cats.

To the right is The Inle Heritage Hospitality Vocational Training School. This school prepares young people to work in the lake’s growing hospitality sector. The school trains about 40 students a year to international standards for front-of-office and back-of-house work in hotels and restaurants. The overriding ethos is encouraging sustainable and responsible tourism.

Past the school is Inle Heritage Stilt Houses. There are six specially built bungalows on one side of the raised walkway and the reception and lobby on the other. Many guests love lounging in this area.

The final building of the site is the Inle Heritage Aquarium, which displays the many fish and other creatures that live on, below and round the waters of the lake.