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Hotel @ Yangon Heritage building

Hotel @ Yangon Heritage - A Tour in Words

What's it like to stay at Hotel @ Yangon Heritage in Yangon?


Upon your arrival at Hotel @ Yangon Heritage, you’ll be greeted by a friendly security guard who has been waiting outside the front of this beautiful converted colonial building. With a smile as big as his, there’s no way you can’t crack one open yourself. Walk forward and through the front entrance which is surrounded by a small collection of potted plants. As soon as you get inside, the smell of fresh lemonade will greet you. A welcome relief after your long flight and drive. From here, take off your shoes, an important part of the culture in Myanmar. Now it’s time to climb the 80 year old teakwood stairway to the reception, where a lady from the front desk will welcome you.

front view of Hotel @ Yangon Heritage Hotel

You will soon discover that this renovated heritage hotel is decorated throughout with Burmese toys and products. These beautiful handmade items bring Hotel @ Yangon Heritage to life. The interesting décor continues throughout the hotel, with paintings and ornaments hung on every level, some of which have even been painted or made by the owner of the hotel himself. If you’re lucky, the owner might be available to greet you. Ask about the history of the building and the hotel, he is full of knowledge and interesting facts that shed further light on this old property.

burmese toys on the teak staircase of Hotel @ Yangon Heritage

On every floor, doorways lead off the main landing and into each of the individual rooms. Each floor has around 4 or 5 rooms which vary in size and type. In total there are 17 rooms that make up Hotel @ Yangon Heritage.

Climb the teakwood staircase further and reach the second floor, where a comfy lounge awaits you. Here you can sit on the sofa and read the daily newspaper which is delivered every day. On the third floor, the lovely book corner beckons you. The books are free to take during your stay at Hotel @ Yangon Heritage so peruse them at your pleasure. We would recommend Burmese Days by George Orwell seeing as you are in Burma after all.

Further up the building still, the 4th floor is where the restaurant and bar is located and will be your favourite place to hang out. This floor has a balcony that looks out onto the city life of Yangon below. The breeze that comes in through the open windows is a welcome relief after the heavy work on the stairs. This is where breakfast is served in the mornings, and where you can come and get a drink in the evenings.

bar and restaurant at the Hotel @ Yangon Heritage

If you stretch your neck you can see the Sule Pagoda to your left from the open windows. But now it’s time to decide where to begin your Yangon adventure. Make your way back down the stairs to your room and let the journey begin.