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Boulder Bay Eco Resort in the Mergui Archipelago

Boulder Bay Eco Resort – A Tour in Words

You’ll arrive to Boulder Bay Eco Resort by boat, having spent the past 6 hours cruising leisurely through the Mergui Archipelago. As you approach Boulder Island, the hotels private bay comes into view as you gradually approach the landing bay where you’ll disembark. At this point you’re just itching to get ashore and see where you’ll be spending the next couple of nights.

The hotel’s greeting party will travel out to the landing bay by speedboat and help you with your luggage as you begin to take in your tranquil surroundings. Once on-board the speed boat its just a quick 1 minute journey onto the beach.

As you hop out into the clear blue water, don’t forget to keep your shoes on as you’ll be walking through waters that contain a fair few urchins. But as you make your way onto the pristine white sand beach, you realise the trip has been well worth it.

You might not be aware yet, but the hotel is right in front of you, perfectly camouflaged behind the green trees which have been undisturbed. You’ll notice a small pathway that leads to the main reception where you’ll also be enjoying your meals. Make your way up the stairs into the main bungalow that is the centrepiece of Boulder Bay Eco Resort.

Your host will provide you with a cup of Myanmar tea before you head into the jungle to find your bungalow. Walking along the dirt paths that lead to the bungalows, listen out for the sounds that great you. A hermit crab perhaps. Or even a tropical bird.

Climb up the stairs into your private bungalow and you’ve made it. Your balcony looks out onto the bay that you’ve just arrived into a couple of minutes ago, and your front door leads into the traditionally constructed room that you’ll be spending the next couple of nights in. Welcome to Boulder Bay Eco Resort.