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What is a Thahara Hotel

A hotel in our collection has to be intimate and yet not cramped, the staff must be friendly but not fussy, and most importantly your stay must be unforgettable, for all the right reasons.

Here are the questions that Thahara ask when deciding on a hotel:

Is it special? - People say your opinion of others is formed within the first 10 seconds. The same is definitely true of hotels. We have to be blown away by the hotel right from the start.

Does it ooze Myanmar? - What's the point in coming to Myanmar, if you end up staying in a hotel that could frankly be anywhere in the world? The hotel needs an authentic atmosphere and must represent Myanmar through and through.

Is it stylish? - Style is subjective. One persons Picasso is another's train wreck. But design can be appreciated regardless of taste. We should be able to appreciate the detail and thought that has gone into the hotels decor, styling and design.

Would I invite the staff home? - When staying at a hotel, we want to feel hosted. Service shouldn't make you feel uncomfortable. Nor should it leave you losing the will to live. That extra attention to detail is what impresses us.

Are we getting value? - If a hotel has a high price tag, we make sure it's actually worth it. The same is true if it is a budget hotel. We make sure the hotel is not skimping on any of the important stuff.

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