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What is a Thahara Experience?

A Thahara experience looks to take you off the tourist trail and delve deeper into Myanmar's rich history and culture. We've worked tirelessly to uncover these experiences, carefully selecting those that we feel are worthy of your precious time.


A Thahara Experience is...

Immersive. We don't just scratch the surface. We delve deeper, taking you on a journey through Myanmar that leaves no stone unturned, exploring everything about the topic of your experience.

Memorable. There's nothing better then collecting memories and sharing them with others. Our experiences will leave you itching to tell your tales when you get home.

Knowledge. The most important aspect of your experience is your guide, or as we like to call them your "knowledgable expert". We scour Myanmar looking for the best, and trust them to deliver one heck of an experience.

Curated. Our experiences are carefully planned out and extremely creative. We work closely with our knowledgable expert to create experiences that connect you with Myanmar.

Unique. We want to be different. We want to drive a new way of exploring Myanmar. As a reult you'll find no generic experiences in our collection. All are as individual as the next.

Customisable. After you've booked, we'll contact you with a short questionaire asking about your interests. This way we can tailor the experience specifically to you and your level of knowledge.

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